Becoming an NMR User

Procedure for becoming an NMR user and obtaining a password

A Linux account and password are required to use the NMR instruments. New users must follow this procedure:

  • All new users should watch the video Introduction to NMR Operation at Columbia.
  • Then, new users must attend a short introductory demonstration by one of the NMR staff.  Demonstrations are given weekly. Contact Michael Appel of the NMR staff to arrange.  After you have attended the demonstration:  
  • Reserve time on the one of the 400 instruments to practice. One of the NMR staff must be there to log you in. Sign-up for time when they are here (9:00 AM-5 PM) or better, make arrangements with the NMR staff to log you in.
  • When you have learned everything on the introductory handout, make an appointment with John Decatur to watch you take and process a spectrum and, if you pass, give you a password.

This introductory demo will provide access to the Bruker 300, 400, 400SL and 500. Access to the 500 Ascend and its cryoprobe requires attending a short demonstration on cryoprobes specifics. 

At the demonstration, you will be given a copy of the introductory user guide.